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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there a limit to the number of files or folders I can upload ?
Not that we are aware of ;-)

I see you have the InmyPhotoFolder App for Windows and PhotoSync for Macintosh - are there any plans to support other platforms ?
Yes, we are looking at creating the InmyPhotoFolder app for Linux. Put in a request on the Support Page above and we can give you further information.

How do I send a link to my friends so that they can see my pictures ?
Yow can only do this if you have selected 'Invite' or 'Public' in your 'Privacy Settings' on your 'Settings' page. Use your internet browser, navigate to the folder you want them to see, click on the 'LINKS' button and copy and paste the appropriate link/s into an e-mail and send it to them.
If you have selected 'Login Only' in your 'Privacy Settings', then your friend will need to become a registered user on to be able to view your pictures. They will need to login and navigate to their own 'Home' page. Using the Search, they can search for your name or site name. When they click on your name, the system will e-mail you and you will need to approve their request to see your PhotoFolders. From then on, your PhotoFolder will be listed in their 'Home' page for quick access.

Are there any plans to have 'Group' photo Folders ?
Yes, we are currently working on that. If you have any specific features in mind, please enter them on the 'Support' request form above and we will update you when the feature becomes available.

I have friends that don't want to have to signup just to see my pictures. Can I still send them links to view the pictures ?
If your 'Privacy Settings' are set to 'Invite' then yes. Please note that if your friend forwards the link to others, they will also be able to see your PhotoFolders.

Can I link pictures on to other sites, blogg etc .. ?
Yes, as long as it is only for non-commercial purposes.

Will the InmyPhotoFolder application work on NFS or Network shared drives ?
Yes, it will work on all file systems.

If I am the 'Team Photographer' for a football or baseball team, how can I send out e-mail notifications to a list of people when I upload new pictures ?
This is an existing feature. Go to your 'Settings' page. Look for the line 'E-mail Only Friends'. Click on Add. Cut and paste a list of e-mail addresses into the window and click the 'Add' button. When you upload new pictures, InmyPhotofolder will e-mail each person a list of new folders. The e-mail has special links that will allow the recipient to view your photos without having to set-up an account on ( Please note that your 'Privacy Settings' must either be 'Invite' or 'Public' for them to be able to view the pictures without an account.)

Is there any way I can have friends upload pictures to some of my folders ?
We are currently working on this by extending the functionality in the InmyPhotoFolder application.

How do I upload changes from my computer to InmyPhotofolder ?
Any time you have added, changed or removed pictures from your photograph collection on your computer the InmyPhotoFolder application will automatically send the changes to our servers.

Have you ever needed to find a specific photograph in hurry ? What are 'Tags' and how do I use them ?
By attaching a memorable keyword or phrase that relates to the content of a picture, our search function will immediately locate those tagged photos from anywhere in your photo collection. To create a 'Tag', locate the picture, click on it to enlarge it, enter your tags in the box that says 'add keywords' and press enter.

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