This site was originally created - specifically to be able to share a fairly large photo collection for my family and friends to view and also to be able to quickly search through my personal photos. My personal photo collection spans over 10 years (over 69 thousand photo's spread over 612 folders) - so there are a number of times I have almost gone crazy looking for a folder that I put 'Somewhere' in my photo collection. Also - trying to remember what files and folders I had already shared vs files and folders that I still needed to upload to a site was almost impossible to track. That's how this site started. Once I had it up running - it was very simple for me to add the web pages that allow many people to use the site.

You can contact us at the following address:

InmyPhotoFolder LLC
P.O. Box 782
New Monmouth
New Jersey

(732) 856-8576

Initial Design idea's downloaded from free website templates.