Things we are working on ...

Free IPhone and Ipad App is in progress. (Free Android app to follow).
Adding 'Fully Automatic' upload mode to the Macintosh Uploader.

Completed items:

Rename Windows application - from 'PhotoSync' - to 'InmyPhotoFolder'.
Full 'automatic upload' is now the default mode for the version 2 Windows client.
'InmyPhotoFolder' now also starts when computer is started.
'InmyPhotoFolder' will resume sending files after a computer is restarted, resumed from sleep or hibernate.
'InmyPhotoFolder' has clickable links that will open your internet browser and log you into your account on

Update InmyPhotoFolder server so deleted files go into a 'recyce container' for 30 days. If folders are removed from sync folder by accident - when they are moved back to the sync folder - the upload to the server completes in seconds.

Release fixes for many small bugs and typo's.

Chaneg default sort order of pictures to 'Natural sort order'.

Add file size to picture display.

Add link to web pages to allow anyone to 'Flag' a picture as offline due to inappropriate content.

Add code to web server - to cater for bad orientation image for pictures taken with 'Kodak Easyshare'
Add e-mail notification capability - Our system will send notifications when you complete an upload (options maintained by account owner.)
(you can add a list of e-mail addresses to send to - and they dont even need to signup for an InmyPhotoFolder account.)

Add button to config screen to allow use to delete their account.

Add new link to 'LINKS' page - to be able to share only that folder.

Add windows 7 Instructions to the 'How To' page.
Add supported Photosync application fo IOS 10.6 ( Snow Leopard)
Fix a number of bugs in Photosync that were causing incorrect folder names to be displayed in web pages.

Changed our code tracking system over to Fossil SCM.

- Changed the Access model. Change this in your 'Settings' page. Now have 3 levels
-- Pulic - anyone can search the site and can find your PhotoFolder
-- Invite - people need to request access to your PhotoFolder and you need to approve these requests. This level also supports friends that dont have a login on InmyPhotofolder. If you e-mail them the links from the 'Links' button - they will be able to view your pictures.
-- Login only - People need to have an account - they need to be a friend and logged in before they can see your PhotoFolder.
- Added a feature where you can can set up a list of e-mail addresses of friends. Each time you upload new pictures - InmyPhotoFolder will automatically e-mail them with a link to your new pictures. Your Friends that have accounts on will also receive e-mail notofications for your new uploads.
- Add link to settings page so you can configure who you get 'New Photo e-mails' notifications from.
- Updated the PhotoSync server - so that when it generates any e-mail - it includes a link so you can configure your e-mail options.

- Fixed a Gazillion bugs - and found a few more that are now on my 'to do' list

- Released PhotoSync for the Macintosh.

- Datacenter Servers and disk brought online.
- Ability to allow online - web based rotation of images.
- Allow key-word and comment association with of Picture ( helps with fast searching and finding what you need ...).
- Create 'Invite Only' capability where you can approve who can see your Pictures.

- Release PhotoSync for Windows.
- Add Unlimited number of folders.
- Add Unlimited depth of folders (folder within a folder).

- Release Web pages to for user to create login, config options, request approvals.

Initial Design idea's downloaded from free website templates.